Digital Sales Enablement

Digital asset management empowers your sales team by improving efficiency and creating new business opportunities

Strategic Sales Advantage

While sales enablement has become a hot topic for large businesses looking to streamline operations, many sales teams still struggle to keep up with insatiable customer expectations. Having instant access to assets and content can be a strategic advantage to your sales process and help sales reps increase their win rate.

Sales enablement is growing reason why successful enterprises adopt a digital asset management (DAM) system. Find out more in our eBook.

Perfect sales content

Powerful file search lets you find the right sales content in no time.

Sales teamwork

Collaborate efficiently with social DAM features.

Any file, any device, anytime

Always have your valuable content available to create new business opportunities.

Supporting strong sales

A well-configured DAM system makes your valuable media files available where you need them, any time. Sales reps never need to worry if they are carrying all the relevant documents and presentations when meeting clients – all important sales collateral are accessible from their mobile device, laptop or tablet with fast, metadata-driven search and preview capabilities. Content is always up-to-date and ready to use.

Social DAM features make digital collaboration easier and faster than ever. How about building PPT decks from preapproved slides that are guaranteed to have the latest and greatest version – every single time. With Cumulus and DAM you can do that and more. A strong sales process with DAM means solid teamwork!

Customer Success Story

Newsday, Long Island and New York City news publishing outlet, significantly increased sales efficiency by empowering their sales reps with a Cumulus mobile app for the iPad.


New sales opportunities

Speed sales processes and improve win ratios with an enterprise DAM platform in your arsenal.

Gain valuable insight such as usage statistics for your top and bottom performing digital assets, so you know exactly how your files are being used. Usage insight can be used to further refine your sales processes and content offers.

See how it works

Find out what Digital Asset Management can do for your sales team in a live demo. Canto digital asset management systems are scalable from small business solutions to true enterprise systems.