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Meet our Digital Asset Management experts
Andreas Mockenhaupt

Andreas Mockenhaupt

Head of Professional Services

As Head of Professional Services, Andreas Mockenhaupt and his team stand for flexible and powerful solutions, tailored to the needs of our customers. His extensive experience with Cumulus projects and his insight into modern business workflows make him one of the most renowned DAM experts worldwide.

Andreas studied Information Technology at Siegen College and the University of Bielefeld (Germany). He worked for numerous German tech companies and co-founded Canto Partner Vitras, where he was Head of Consulting. When Vitras was acquired by Canto in 2011, Andreas joined our team as Manager of Professional Services until he became Director of Canto’s consulting branch in 2013.

Apart from work, Andreas is a family man. He enjoys cooking and a fine glass of wine.


Benedict Marck

Manager of Consulting EMEA

Planning and realizing DAM projects is a complex challenge. Benedict Marck not only poses a deep knowledge of IT, but also holds a certified project manager (IPMA level D) credential with years of experience to go with it. Benedict has implemented DAM projects across all kinds of industries: publishing, museums, IT service providers, and manufacturers, to name a few.

As a trained IT professional Benedict worked for different German tech companies, such as Deutsche Telekom AG, RIB Deutschland GmbH and Strato AG.

Benedict is a sports enthusiast; he plays soccer, squash and practices tae-kwon-do (martial arts). In the summer he enjoys beach volleyball and cocktails.


Carsten Hoffmann

Lead Software Engineer

Carsten joined Canto in 2013 to support Development until his passion for DAM projects brought him to consulting. Since 2015 he has been the Lead Software Engineer in the Professional Services team.

Carsten Hoffmann holds a Master of Science in Informatics from the University of Marburg and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.


Patrick Michel

Project Manager

As a trained IT professional and experienced project manager Patrick Michel has all the necessary skills to individually plan, structure and execute complex DAM projects for our customers. He is also an expert in content management systems and web development.

Patrick is a professional IT expert and worked for Canto Partner Vitras. When Canto acquired Vitras in 2011, Patrick joined our team as a Consultant and successfully executed numerous complex DAM projects for several industries such as retail and manufacturing.


Siddarth Subramanian


Siddarth has lead many Cumulus Digital Asset Management projects. He brings years of consulting and tech experience to Canto, having worked for major technology companies in Silicon Valley. He discovered his interest in DAM while working on several projects. Siddarth has implemented complex projects in several industries, including media, culture and government agencies – from cloud-based projects to major system integration projects.

He holds an MBA from Kingston University, London, U.K., and a degree in Quantitative Analysis & Data Mining from University of California, Berkeley.

In his free time Siddarth loves traveling, hiking and photography.


J. Alexander Textor


As consultant and member of Professional Services J. Alexander Textor provides customers with tailored DAM solutions to meet their needs. He brings over five years of expertise in running innovation and optimization projects. Before joining Canto, he was a strategy and management consultant, specialized in Blue Ocean Strategy and process optimization for SMEs.

Alexander studied Marketing and International Management at the University of Applied Sciences Giessen (Germany) and DKIT (Ireland).

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family. He plays music, does sports, dances Salsa and loves to travel.


Goran Vasic


In 2012 Goran Vasic joined Canto and since then he has realized DAM projects in several European countries. He has worked with Canto customers in several industries, including manufacturing, marketing and communication and health services. His experience with complex projects enables him to tailor systems to the actual needs of DAM users.

Goran studied Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen (Germany) and worked in transportation and logistics. His enthusiasm for technology and DAM projects brought him to Canto.

Goran speaks several languages, two of them natively, German and Croatian.


Markus Werner


Markus joined Canto in 2013 and since then has worked on numerous DAM projects. He is a professional IT expert with more than 10 years of experience in project management and consulting.

He studied commercial information technology at the University of Bamberg and the University of Applied Sciences in Hof.


Alexander Nadler


Alexander Nadler is a trained IT professional with years of experience. He has worked for several tech companies before he joined Canto as Software Engineer. Since 2014 Alexander realizes complex DAM projects as part of our Professional Services team.

Alexander studied Informatics at Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (FH) where he did scientific research on Digital Asset Management: In his Bachelor thesis he analyzed Cumulus replication technology and his Master thesis deals with approaches on synchronizing digital assets.

In his free time Alexander enjoys playing his guitar.


Kurt Özdemir


We at Canto think that our experience is your advantage and Kurt Özdemir is a good reason for that. Since 2000 Kurt realizes IT projects. He is an expert in Digital Asset Management and ERP software, CAD, Microsoft, Adobe and Citrix products. As a trained Canto Professional Kurt tailors DAM solutions to the needs of our customers and helps with streamlining complex business workflows.

Kurt is a studied engineer and holds a Diplom degree from Technical University Berlin as well as a degree in Industrial Engineering from Technische Fachhochschule Berlin.


Ghislain Tchibinda


Ghislain is a trained professional with years of experience in the IT business. As consultant he tailors complex DAM projects to the individual needs of our customers. He studied in Computer Science at the University of Ilmenau (TU) and the University of Karlsruhe. Before he joined Canto Ghislain worked for numerous German IT tech companies as consultant and Software Recognition Engineer.

Ghislain speaks fluent French, German, English and some Spanish. In his free time he loves travelling, reading, Sports and he is active in social projects for children. He won the National Math Olympics in Libreville (Gabun) twice.


Steffen Rausch
Senior Software Engineer


Daniel Winter
Software Engineer


Michael Scholl
Junior Software Engineer


Jochen Rapp
Support Engineer


Stefan Röhm 
Support Engineer