inMotion integration


Get projects done faster with inMotion and Cumulus

Speed up marketing and creative team workflows by connecting both systems. All versions of a file are tracked in Cumulus while proofs, approvals and tasks are handled by inMotion.

Accelerate creative projects and content creation

Stop downloading from one tool and uploading to another.

Using the inMotion creative work management integration, marketing and creative teams can share and sync files stored in Cumulus. Files are shared with team members through inMotion projects and can be updated and accessed from either Cumulus or inMotion. Team members can also create Cumulus categories right from inMotion, making it fast and easy to keep every file backed up and accessible.

Canto and inMotionNow have partnered to help creatives reduce work steps, increase transparency and speed productivity.

Marketing and creative team members can route any file in Cumulus for approval using inMotion’s online proofing, review and audit tools. With as few as two clicks, files are uploaded via a cloud exchange from Cumulus to inMotion and are ready to be routed.

Spend less time managing multiple tools and get back to creating great content. Ask us about the inMotion integration today.

creative workflow screenshot

1. Sync project files between inMotion and Cumulus

creative workflow screenshot

2. Route any file stored in Cumulus through inMotion’s online proofing tool.