e-Spirit integration

DAM Connect for Cumulus and FirstSpirit

Dam Connect

Communication between FirstSpirit CMS and Cumulus takes place via RESTful API.

Seamless Integration with FirstSpirit 5.3

marketinginfoLeading Content Management System (CMS) technologies such FirstSpirit from eSpirit have native media management capabilities. But what happens if the latest version of a file is needed outside the web team? Imagery and product data sheets must be available for sales staff, product management and social media teams. With Cumulus, you can make sure the most current version of a file is always available, to all channels.

technicalfactThe integration of Cumulus and FirstSpirit not only saves disk space, but also relieves the entire IT infrastructure. The web team may search the Cumulus catalog of assets directly from within FirstSpirit, while allowing (permission-controlled) access to those same digital assets from other internal teams and external agencies.

Image Factory: image transformation, distribution and caching on-the-fly

marketinginfoMarketing managers and web editors love the Image Factory from Canto, because rich media is vital to today’s online experiences. Typically, image files are manually converted to various static file formats and sizes. These variants are then copied to a folder structure on the Web server – a very error-prone and complicated process. The Image Factory can automate this process and pass images from Cumulus into the correct resolution to FirstSpirit.

technicalfactTechnically the Image Factory does image transformations (such as resizing and adding watermarks). Variants are rendered on-the-fly, as soon as they are requested by FirstSpirit. Image Factory converts images into the proper format. Image Factory can also replace deleted images with default replacements. The load distribution between digital asset management (DAM) and CMS ensures greater performance and scalability.


Extremely scalable set-up.


“We are pleased about so much experienced support in the implementation of our projects and are excited about the upcoming development of Cumulus!”

Michael Maage
Project, Rittal GmbH & Co KG.


Simply insert images, videos and documents from Cumulus into FirstSpirit sites, shops and portals.

Copy or reference? The choice is yours.

marketinginfoCopy assets from Cumulus into FirstSpirit and work with them as you would any other uploaded file.  Or define a reference back to your source asset in Cumulus, to ensure the latest and greatest version is always available in FirstSpirit. Ensure accuracy and accelerate the publishing of content (videos, photos, documents) for websites, blogs and other online portals, which are maintained by FirstSpirit.

technicalfactThe technical integration has two modes: An asset from Cumulus comes into FirstSpirit CMS as a copy or as a link (Asset Reference). DAM Connect for FirstSpirit can be configured to cover either application – each with its advantages. Our teams will discuss your specific needs and make a recommendation, accordingly. In both modes, the bi-directional interface logs the use of the respective assets.

Professional license management for protected content

marketinginfoMaking sure your firm stays in compliance with digital content licensing terms can be challenging with the modern pace of work, especially for global companies.. Copyright infringements happen easily and inadvertently – with dramatic legal consequences. It is important for decision makers in technology and marketing operations to adopt practices and processes that will keep you in compliance, and out of lawsuits. Digital asset management takes the guesswork out of the equation, by keeping track of license information together with the asset.

technicalfactLicense information is stored as metadata. If metadata changes, such as license expiration, or region approved for use, that information can automatically be transferred to the CMS. Thus allowing pictures, videos and documents to always be kept up to date via Cumulus. For instance, Cumulus can check the license expiration date and withdraw approval for the site once the expiration date is exceeded.


Cumulus checks the usage rights and removes images without a valid license automatically.

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