Adobe Creative Cloud integration


Adobe and Cumulus

Speed up your InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects workflow with the Cumulus plugin.

Create visual imagery faster

Use the Adobe Drive Adapter for Cumulus to work natively in the Adobe tools you love.

Easily find the supporting logos, pictures, layouts, and video files you need by searching, filtering and previewing thumbnails with a few clicks. Simply checkout files from Cumulus, make your changes in Adobe’s software and check the file back in to Cumulus.

Accelerate your photography, layout and video post production workflows with direct access through Adobe Bridge and Cumulus. The Cumulus Adobe Drive Adapter (CADA), lets creatives spend their time doing what they do best – designing, editing and creating your organization’s valuable files, with the flexibility to easily link, extract and replace files in Cumulus.

With the PDF Extended Pack that comes with every Cumulus v9.1+ you do not need an Adobe Acrobat license to split individual PDF pages and rebuild PDF files from separate pages, Cumulus can do this for you. Not to mention, Cumulus offers full-text searching within cataloged PDF files.

See how the Cumulus and Adobe integration work seamlessly.