User Roles

Take charge of your content with Flight’s three levels of user engagement.

Pilots | Crew | Passengers

Pilots Are In Command

Pilots are at the highest level of Flight. As administrators, they determine how content is shared, accessed, and edited by assigning permissions to the other users. Pilots have access to Settings, which grants them the capability to run reports, add new users, restore files, customize their data fields, and develop branded portals for end users to experience.

UserRoles Choose who sees what
Crew Permissions

Crew Members Provide Support

The Crew level is responsible for ensuring that Flight’s versatility is in full effect. Their permissions are dictated by pilots, but they can take advantage of many features including uploading, adding descriptive content, and creating albums and folders to maintain organization. The Crew is integral to enhancing a team’s productivity.

Passengers Share and Enjoy the View

The Passenger level has ‘read-only’ permissions and limited access to Flight’s features. They’re the consumers in the system; they can be allowed to preview, share, and download certain content – but not edit or upload files.


Passenger Permissions