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Simplify the way your digital assets are organized.

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Smart Albums

Uploaded content is automatically recognized by file type and organized into one of six Smart Albums: images, videos, audio, documents, presentations, and all other files. Smart Albums provide a great foundation for your file organization and management.

Flight by Canto Filtering
Flight by Canto Custom Fields for Flight

Folders and Albums

Utilize folders and albums for specific projects, shared collateral, and for content migrated from file storage services like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Assets can be simply dropped into any available albums, and when they’re updated once, they’re updated in every other album they inhabit.

Keywords and Tags

You’ll need a good taxonomy to be successful with DAM. With Flight’s keywords, administrators can establish the categories that files need to follow. Users can also add tags to further categorize their distinctive assets. Organizing with keywords and tags makes locating files through global and advanced searches extremely easy.

Flight by Canto Organize FIle Types
Flight by Canto File Directory Tree for Flight

Custom Fields

By adding custom fields, Flight users can make their system work specifically to their organization’s needs. Any number of string lists, free-form text fields, and date selection fields can be added. Plus, all custom fields can be searched through global and advanced search options.