Content Management

Digital asset management can power your content management. Connect desktop publishing apps with your Web CMS for organized media storage and streamlined workflows.

Web CMS | WordPress | Drupal | Joomla

Publish Directly to Web CMS

Skip the desktop. With Flight, you can work exclusively in your own creative clouds. Develop content on desktop publishing programs like Photoshop and InDesign, organize and manage your media for marketing initiatives with Flight, and connect to a Web CMS to publish your finished material. With Flight’s plugins, your cloud-based workflow can work seamlessly.

Flight Wordpress Plugin Screenshot

Creative Team Collaboration

Enhance your Web CMS media management with all of your team’s digital assets – pictures, videos, audio, etc. Creative teams can work securely between their Digital Asset Management (DAM) and CMS – Flight saves time and makes it easy to create effective workflows that meet everyone’s needs. Utilize our preexisting integration with Flight for WordPress, or use a tailored API connection for Drupal, Joomla, or any other CMS.

On-Page SEO Benefits

The Flight for WordPress plugin ensures that the migrated media is still locally hosted, so you’ll be able to take advantage of the SEO benefits from Google indexing. It will also auto-populate the Alternative Text tag to prevent invalid tags and broken images. Flight API allows for SEO benefits with other CMS platforms as well.