Better Collaboration, Optimized Productivity

Stay in communication over every single asset and simplify the collaboration on your content’s lifecycle

Social Commenting | Notifications | Workflow Optimization

User and Group Commenting

Communication happens through commenting functions for every file. Individual users and groups can be tagged with ‘@username‘ and they’ll be immediately notified of the feedback. Comments are perfect for requesting changes, approvals, or noting details.



Users receive notifications via email and through Flight’s message board whenever they’re mentioned or their group is tagged in a comment. Each notification links directly back to the file for quick access to feedback.

Workflow Optimization

Users can take advantage of personal ‘My Collections” folders and the “Follow” feature to track project-related assets, share content through different albums, and have clear insight into how often files are viewed, downloaded, liked, and shared. Flight provides teams with the power to choose how and what they want to optimize.