Features for All of Your DAM Needs

Flight gives your company the features they need for organizing, managing, and sharing their valuable digital assets.
Flight by Canto Organize FIle Types


Manage your digital files through a single interface. Flight will automatically sort your uploaded content by file type and provide structure for the organization of your content. Assign files to one or multiple albums, without worrying about duplicates. Utilize keywords, tags, and custom fields to classify your information into manageable and searchable categories.


Flight’s advanced search capabilities helps you find the files you need, fast. Filter search results by file type, keywords, tags, date uploaded, original uploader, and file size. Perform a search within your initial search results to achieve a precise output.

Advanced Search
Share from Flight


Distribute content to remote collaborators without the need to download and attach files to email. Flight allows you to share your content through multiple platforms.

Create links where one or many files can be previewed, downloaded, sent directly to a Box or Dropbox account, or share items on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Share files with other teams and clients through customizable portals. Make them unique for outside collaborators with customized branding options and user permissions.

Flight by Canto Create Portals 2
Flight by Canto Create Portal


Manage content throughout its entire lifecycle. Tag users and groups in comments, upload new versions of files, and notify team members when items have been completed and are ready for use.

User Roles

Take charge of your content with Flight’s three levels of user engagement. Pilots in the system define the functions for crew members and passengers.

Flight's User Roles

Content Management

Skip the desktop. Develop content on desktop publishing programs like Photoshop and InDesign. Use Flight to control your media for marketing initiatives, then connect to a Web CMS to publish your finished material.


Analyze content and storage usage to understand which assets are key to your brand. Proactively plan for the future by analyzing your account’s download, sharing, and usage history.


Secure Storage

Rest easy knowing your valuable brand assets are safe and secure. Flight runs on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is housed in highly-secure data centers. We utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.