Our First Blab – Why Should You Give a DAM About SXSW?

2016 is a year of firsts for Flight: it’s our first time attending SXSW and it’s time for our first Blab!

Flight just hosted our first weekly Blab sessions. We’re planning to host a Blab session every Thursday until March 3rd (a week before SXSW). Our Blab discussion topics will cover marketing and branding opportunities at SXSW, as well as tips and tricks for attending as the date grows near.

What is Blab?
Blab is a bleeding-edge video chat platform where (up to) four people can video chat simultaneously as an audience watches, comments, and switches between the different chatters’ webcams. It’s pretty reminiscent of the Brady Bunch.

To participle, all you have to do is sign in with your Twitter account, find your Blab (via url link or topic), join an empty seat, and wait for the creator of the Blab to choose to accept or deny entry.

Join Us!
Tune in every Thursday till SXSW (2/11 – 3/3) at 10:30 am PST (1:30 pm EST). We will have one or two open seats open for anyone to join, if you feel adventurous enough to jump on the video call. Everyone else that is watching can participate by chatting on the side, asking questions or “giving props” to any one of the speakers (giving props on Blab is very similar to Periscope hearts). By clicking on the person’s screen multiple times, your profile photo will appear on screen.

Previously recorded episode 1 – Why Should You Give a DAM About SXSW?

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