Less Searching. More Creating.

Creative designers create beautiful, unique designs on a daily basis. But that workflow…

The Workflow

Situated next to your choice of energy liquid and your sketchbook you have one too many tabs, beloved Adobe programs, and folders all open on one (or maybe two) computer(s). It can be frustrating trying to switch from one tab to the other, to Adobe, to folders, to find the right version of the file you’re looking for. Finally your project is finished and it’s time to send it all to the boss or client and almost more than never you share your assets through multiple e-mails because of the mere file size.

What if there was some kind of awesome tool that could help to simplify your daily workflow so that you are searching less and creating more?

The Workflow Epiphany

Say Hello to Flight. The best part about Flight Cloud Digital Asset Management is that it can organize your assets while also making your life easier.

With Flight, you have every single asset you need on one stunningly simple, visual interface. Intuitively store all your digital files through file type. Easily find the correct file you want using Version Control and Flight’s game changing Filter and Navigation bar. These are all awesome ways to organize your work, but now check out how Flight makes your life easier as well. Instead of going through multiple e-mails to send one project, you can share your large project files securely with links set with expiration dates. No more attachments. For the deeper cuts, check out Brand Portals. For creative designers, you may work with many diverse clients and only want to share a select number of assets with each client. Brand Portals provide on-demand access publicly or through password-protected portals. You can control what is being share with each client and who can access your branded assets. Flight may not be able to get a nice cup of coffee, but it can connect with Adobe InDesign to work seamlessly or even add Image Watermarking or Image Editing (new features from JFK Update) or connecting with your Box.com, Dropbox, or Google Drive accounts.

Want to see all of this in action? Check out our recent Webinar on Creative Workflows.

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