How to Deal With a LeBron at Work

Lebron Quote

LeBron James. The King. The great player known for his monster height plus crazy skill and talent. He is incredible, averaging 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. Basically the guy is clutch and it’s no surprise he’s always a contender for MVP in the NBA during the regular season, and even more during the NBA Finals. However, being humble is not part of his genetic makeup. He proclaimed himself THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD after LOSING Game 4 of the FINAL Series.

Do you know someone like this in the office? Do you know a LeBron? Collaboration with these guys can be difficult. Nevertheless, if the teammate is getting a ton of leads, closing a great deal of sales, or coming up with awesome creative solutions then maybe you should be learning a little something from them and try collaborating with them. But how can you do that if their flaunting is a major irritation. First, we have to understand why they act the way they do.

Why do some of the most accomplished people have to boast about their skills and accomplishments if they’re so talented and bringing in cash money? Often, these key teammates are in need of attention and are constantly pushing the recognition they believe they deserve. Although they won’t admit it, they usually care tremendously about people’s opinion. Furthermore, the teammate might think they need to prove themselves to you and others and may be subconsciously worried about someone else “stealing” their thunder. So in reality, your interactions may be affecting them more than you know. But how do you deal with and learn from the those who are driven to succeed at least partially by their need for your attention and approval?

Collaboration is Key

Collaboration is the answer when working with these highly productive, yet accolade-seeking co-workers or teammates. The first thing you need to do is recognize the teammate’s achievements and that there are actually things you may be able to learn from them. What better way than collaborating with the big guy? Asking for their insights can get you some useful advice and notice areas for improvement. It is also a great way to let them know that you recognize their talents and that they don’t need to prove themselves to you. For example, Matt Dellavedova, a bench player for the Cavs who came in for injured Kyrie Irving, knew that he wasn’t the best player out there, but he knew who was and how important collaborating with LeBron was. By collaborating with “The King” and looking past his ego, Delly learned to be more aggressive and received invaluable advice on how to post up against the NBA’s MVP, Steph Curry. Let’s get real, when you get the chance to collaborate with a LeBron, regardless of their attitude, there are going to be many things to learn and improve upon. Even if you can’t get the 6’8” height plus strength plus talent that LeBron has, there still is serious information to be gained and used to your advantage. Delly isn’t going to grow, build muscle, or make unbelievable shots overnight, but he can apply the learned great effort and energy that LeBron brings to the game. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is that he didn’t do that by only watching him. It is all about COLLABORATION. Collaboration is key to dealing with a LeBron.

For the record I am a born and raised Bay Area Warriors fan, but always respect the great force that LeBron is.

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