The Benefits of Images in Email Marketing

Should you use images in your email marketing? No matter how you feel personally about the use of images in email, there’s evidence that using well-placed visual content in your email marketing campaigns will help you build a stronger connection with your audience and better achieve your marketing goals. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using images in emails; we’ll also explain how you can avoid the mistakes email marketers commonly make.


Today’s customers expect image-rich emails

People love visual content. Popular search engines, news websites, social networks, and online shopping sites probably won’t keep your attention by only giving you a wall of text to look at. It’s better for them to rely on images, gifs, and videos to keep you interested in learning about current events, products, and services. As an email marketer in today’s world, you have to focus on using images in your content in order to strengthen your brand and connect with your audience. Planning your email creative strategically will grab your customers’ attention, increase engagement, and help spread your message.


Influencing customers using quality images

Let’s face it: most people use search engines and open their email from their smartphones now. As smartphones become cheaper to manufacture and purchase, consumers in both developed and developing countries use their phones to receive news updates and stay in touch with others. Today’s smartphone email apps offer built-in media query support to display images automatically, so if you’re creating text-only emails to appease your customers using Outlook or Gmail on their desktop, you’re missing out on the power of images as a communication and selling tool.


Email marketing services make it simple to add images

Learning the best practices of using images in email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. With today’s resources, there’s no need to worry about getting the image size right or whether your email creative will look good on all devices. If you want to build superior email marketing campaigns, then you should take advantage of an email marketing service like Mailchimp or Hubspot. These services allow you to build great emails, preview your content, and add images easily – without all of the technical stuff.


Email creative best practices

Email creative best practices include inputting alt tags on your images, limiting your images to less than 1MB of data, and keeping your images at 600 pixels wide or less. You should also use in-email text instead of including all of your text in an image for those who opt-out of HTML content in their emails. Again, Mailchimp and Hubspot do a great job at optimizing your images and reminding you to follow the best practices. This means spending less time building emails and more time maximizing the time you spend communicating with your customers and driving sales for your business.

By using email marketing services, your content won’t end up in your customer’s spam folder and you’ll reduce the overall time it takes for someone to download your email. Think about how your company can use images to add personality and enforce your brand’s message, and how it can pay off with increased sales and engagement. If you haven’t started including images in your email, now’s the time to begin!

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