5 Secrets of Awesome Teams

Being a great leader is important, but being able to collaborate with your team is just as important. To accomplish your business goals and develop your brand, it is necessary to collaborate with your team. A diverse and knowledgeable team makes complex business tasks happen. Team diversity allows for different views and backgrounds to trigger innovation and insight. Here are 5 Secrets to build an Awesome Collaborative Team.

1. Strong Community

When a team has a strong community, projects can be completed faster and with more passion. A strong community allows for better and more frequent communication. Getting to know your teammates in a community can build trust and respect. With trust and respect, teammates will be more willing to participate, share their ideas, and empowers motivation and creativity.

2. Strong Leadership

The whole team is necessary to accomplish goals, but strong leadership is important to drive the team and create better results. The leaders of the teams should invest time in social relationships to develop a more collaborative behavior. Understanding your coworkers’ strengths and capabilities can maximize performance and results. Additionally understanding each teammate with a social relationship can allow a leader to know when to push them to be more motivated and excel.

3. Common Purpose and Goals

The team is working together toward a common goal. To work together, everyone should know what the common goal is and why the team exists to reach that goal. It is essential to know the common purpose to be able to prioritize team actions. With a clear goal, the team can then achieve and perform their best.

4. Diversity

Team members should be taking advantage of and appreciate the diversity of the team. Although each team member may have differing views, try to listen and learn as much as you can from others. Various perspectives expressed while collaborating can spark innovation and new solutions.

5. Clear Roles

According to the research of Harvard Business Review, collaboration improves when the roles of individual team members are clearly defined and well understood. Knowing what you contribute as a team member allows you to work toward the overall team goal with your skills. By understanding the other teammate’s roles you can communicate and collaborate so that you can solve problems and find new solutions with different perspectives. Furthermore, clarifying the responsibilities when planning for goals can maximize efficiency and performance.

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