Appreciating the ROI of DAM

There are a lot of factors at play when deciding how to implement a digital asset management (DAM) system. Managers have to ask “Who’s all going to be involved? How will this change how my team works? Will our content finally have the impact that we’re looking for?” Of course, the execs pulling the purse strings are going to want to hear the bottom-line: how much money can a company save by switching to DAM?

That answer is subjective, but definitely determinable. To really dig deep for an estimated hard monetary figure, managers need to account for the nuances of their company’s issues, both qualitative and quantitative, to determine how DAM can save time and money.

The common plagues of file management and how solving them translates to savings can be found in Flight’s eBook “Appreciating the ROI of DAM”. Each problem presented has a solution that can be solved by DAM and can potentially increase a company’s total return on investment (ROI). Should a particular pain point resonate or if every issue reads like a list of your company’s costly woes, know that Flight’s here to help you save time, frustration, and your profits.

You can read the eBook here!

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