Creating a Brand Identity With Portals

Today’s marketers know that the customer lifecycle isn’t quite as simple as the traditional sales funnel. They have various touchpoints to manage, each requiring different methods and complex approaches for meaningful engagement. As your organization’s content is being prepared for relevant marketing channels, how will it evoke the type of experience that you want your end users to have?

The answer to that question depends on your company’s branding identity. Marketers have the important task of developing, distributing, and measuring their brand message through their content. Measuring their content’s success helps to establish a brand identity. A brand identity should be clear-cut in all of the marketing content available for customers and prospects. For content that isn’t ready for the public, marketers should have the right tools for developing the right message for their brand.

Marketers in Flight can create their brand identity and ensure their branding stays consistent by working in custom-branded portals. While designing a portal, a Flight administrator can determine the branding and aesthetic choices that are displayed in the interface. The brand identity can reflect their own company or that of a client, which allows for agencies to collaborate through multiple branded portals. When the content in these portals are focuses to the custom branding, marketers and content creators can stay better attuned to what makes up their brand identity.

Creating a brand’s message through a product or service can be difficult. It becomes even harder if a team can’t share information quickly with other members. With portals, market can send immediate updates for developers, graphic designers, social media managers, PR, and content managers. It’s much easier to collaborate on marketing strategies when everyone can easily be in touch.

Portals are just one of Flight’s many features that makes marketers flexible and helps them establish their brand identity.

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