Asset Envy: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) had its re-opening this past weekend. It’s now the largest contemporary art museum in America – a very exciting time for art fans in the Bay Area and abroad!

Our office in the SoMa neighborhood of Downtown San Francisco looks directly out onto SFMOMA’s new beautiful building. It’s been driving all of us crazy as it taunts us with it’s beautiful new design.


The expansion isn’t the only thing making us crazy though – we’re very envious of their expansive display of digital assets being shown across SFMOMA’s website, as well as their new Transformed Digital Strategy.



ArtScope reminds us of our own image gallery on Flight: a large grid of images shown in different sizes and meta-data. Users can experience each image individually or zoom around the interface, magnifying each asset like you would for exploring old newspaper articles at the local library.

Digital Strategy

The app, made by local audio tour app developer Detour will be released soon and promises to impress.

“SFMOMA’s new digital strategy will help it reach new audiences and create a cutting-edge experience for all of its visitors.”

Technical features of the app include:

  • Indoor and outdoor immersive touring with location-aware audio navigation (key to phone-in-pocket experience)
  • Synced audio for social listening, with instant group creation
  • On-demand audio, video and activities, triggered by user location
  • Map-based navigation and point-to-point directions to locations in the building
  • Calendar of exhibitions, events and other activities
  • Digital ticketing and membership card (linked to the SFMOMA CRM)
  • Shareable visual log of the user’s visit, including audio tracks heard and photos taken
  • iOS only at launch; Android in phase 2 (the app is free; iOS devices will be available for rent at the museum $3 for members and visitors 18 and younger/$6 non-members)


Interactive Web Tour

sfmoma interactive

The interactive web tour of each floor of the SFMOMA is a fun journey to take before you visit the museum yourself. Virtually explore each floor to plan out your visit and/or visits.




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