Content Management for the Modern Creative Team

Creativity is tough, right? For the modern company team, creativity can’t happen without collaboration. The best breakthroughs don’t come from one mind; they come from a collective of driven individuals striving for the same goal. How (and if) that goal is achieved depends on how well a team collaborates with each other. Unfortunately, the process of distributing content to electronic channels is often rife with technical challenges.

We talk a lot about how Flight works great with other systems, and one of its best applications is when it’s connected with a Content Management System. A CMS is a crucial part of the content lifecycle; it’s very difficult to deploy content to a website without it. When CMS and DAM are working together, you can take advantage of workflow that gives you optimal control of your content before and after it’s deployed.

Our latest eBook, “Content Management for the Modern Creative Team“, dives into the advantages of a DAM + CMS workflow and explains how using both systems leads to increased productivity and improved ROI. Creative minds need to focus on being creative; let the systems handle the tricky technical challenges of modern collaboration.

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