Send Large Files

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Enables the Transfer of Large Digital Assets

Large File Challenges

Sending big, bulky files across the internet has always been a headache. Although cloud storage services have proliferated – rendering older transfer methods like FTP near obsolete for everyday office uses – they are not professional DAM platforms.  They may safeguard your files in the cloud, but they don’t provide an express delivery lane to outside partners, customers and clients.

Professional DAM platforms do. You can send large files individually or simultaneously.

You can also take advantage of advanced indexing, robust metadata capabilities and a variety of mechanisms – from individual links to password-protected catalogs – to send those large files. When you need to bypass slow ftp and email size limits, DAM is the answer, from 10MB to 100+ MB.


What is a Large File?

A large file is any digital record above a certain size threshold. The majority of large files are digital assets, which is electronic content that has intrinsic value to your organization.

Benefits of Sending Large Files with DAM

Fast, Secure & Easy
There are no email or ftp bottlenecks when sending files from a DAM system, which offers secure, seamless transfer.

Delivery Tracking
With a DAM system in place, you can track the delivery and download of large files, so that you know when, where and how an outside partner or client received them. You can even automatically associate a downloaded asset’s retake into the system with its original version.

Got a Big Video File?

The ability to send large files through a DAM system is especially useful with video files, which can be treated the same as other file types, or streamed through a DAM video player. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) can then automatically recognize the viewing device and platform, and chooses the right format and quality level to display.

Distributing Large Files

When a creative team needs to send large files to a remote freelancer, or a photographer needs to send large files to a sponsoring organization, professional DAM systems easily facilitate large file transfer in either direction.

A creative manager can simply select the asset in the digital asset management system and choose a direct email or link function, whereby the system will send the end-user a link to click and download the file. Conversely, an end user can log-in to the DAM system and drag files into a ‘hot’ folder for upload…in one fell swoop. You can also tag the assets with automatic metadata, such as geospatial.

Digital Asset Management to fit every large file transfer need.

Whether you’re looking for an enterprise-wide platform or something for your team, Canto offers digital asset management software to meet all file distribution challenges.