Brand Asset Management

Learn how digital asset management (DAM) efficiently organizes and protects your brand assets, so you can work smarter.

Brand Asset Management for you

As your organization navigates a multitude of marketing and sales channels in today’s commercial environment, it’s more important than ever to competitively invest in your digital asset management strategy. To remain brand aligned across the enterprise – and around the world – your logos, designs, images, videos and other media files used across websites, packaging, signage, brochures, advertisements, promo broadcasts, social posts and other communicative mediums must stay fully up-to-date, consistent and localized. It’s no small job.


A digital asset is electronic content that has intrinsic value to your organization. As opposed to a file, which is any digital record. In other words, all digital assets are files, but not all files are digital assets.

Keep Branded Content Organized

The need to keep digital assets organized is multiplied exponentially when one considers the many corporate, product, service, partner and community brands that flow in and out of an enterprise’s brand ecosystem.  Add to this a small army of sub-brands, each with their own array of related creative assets (plus variations in formatting, file-type and language) and one quickly sees that brand asset management is a distinct digital asset management practice in its own right.

The Brand Asset Management Challenge

For brand asset management, stitched together solutions like internal server folders, ftp processes and far-flung cloud-based file drops just won’t cut it.  Versioning quickly swings out of control, digital rights information gets disconnected and links between a final creative work and its component files get tangled.  All of this can grind brand rollouts and brand management to a halt.

Digital Asset Management is the Solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM) can easily provide all Brand Asset Management needs with features unique to DAM systems. Such features include: versioning, metadata, privacy controls, permissions, security, relations, watermarking, low res, sharing, integrations with other systems and much more.

Digital Asset Management to fit every brand asset management need.

Whether you’re looking for an enterprise-wide platform or something for your team, Canto offers digital asset management software to meet all brand asset challenges.