Digital Asset Management

A smarter way to manage your brand assets and digital content


All of your digital content, in one central media library

Provide quick access to your entire media library from a secure, central digital asset management system. Manage all the brand assets essential to your organization, with complete control over access and on-demand publishing.


Cloud DAM Software

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On Premise DAM Software

Enterprise digital asset management allows you to easily store, organize, track and share your digital assets through the process of assigning metadata and indexing important records. Thus, making your digital assets easily searchable to find and re-purpose efficiently.


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Keys to successful digital asset management

Every organization that has experience implementing digital asset management will attest that DAM is as much about change management and process modeling as the digital asset management software itself.

Best practices for a digital asset management project include:

  • Get executive support for DAM early in the process
  • Involve stakeholders when evaluating tools
  • Apply project management best practices
  • Choose an experienced partner that fits your business and culture
  • Things are going to change. Help your team embrace it.

Who owns digital asset management?

A common question when getting started with DAM is this: Who should own digital asset management within the organization? The answer will depend on the culture, needs and resources available at your firm. At Canto, we’ve seen DAM ownership vary from digital librarians and archivists, graphic designers, photographers, brand marketers and yes, often IT.

Features to expect with digital asset management software

The way you plan to use your DAM software will largely determine the features you need, and the system you select.  Here are some key features to consider when looking for DAM software

Digital Asset Management in the Cloud vs. On-Premise

How should you decide if on-premise or cloud hosted digital asset management is right for your organization?

Organizations looking to meet specific onsite data storage requirements should plan to have IT infrastructure and resources necessary to support in-house DAM implementations. Whereas, some organizations have corporate initiatives to move systems to the cloud, or others do not have in-house IT capacity to install and maintain a DAM system, therefore elect cloud-based DAM deployment.

The good news… you have options. Canto offers each of the following digital asset management options.