The most important feature of a professional Digital Asset Management solution is to always strive for perfection. Cumulus is not simply an efficient and stable system – we are constantly working to further improve it. Our new point release brings new features that enable you to work better with your digital assets.

Zoom in to see images better

One feature several customers have been waiting for is the ability to zoom in to get an up close and personal look at your images. With Cumulus 9.2.3 users can zoom all file formats up to a 4K resolution to have a detailed preview of the images.

To zoom in or out, you can

  • use the zooming controls in the upper left corner of the preview
  • use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) keys on your keyboard
  • use the mouse wheel
  • pinch the screen with two fingers (touch screens, tablets, smartphones)

Also you can pan your zoomed image to make any part of it visible in the browser window. To pan an image,

  • use the arrow keys in on your keyboard,
  • use your mouse to drag it around,
  • tap on the image and use your finger to drag it around (touch screens, tablets, smartphones).

Of course zooming works the same way both on normal previews and on fullscreen previews.

Improved Search capabilities

With Cumulus 9.2.3 we’ve also improved search capabilities. You need to find your images, documents and videos as fast as possible. That’s why we’re introducing a new way of finding your data with a new Custom Search.

Especially if you know in which metadata fields your search would be most efficient, or if a combination of several fields gives best results, this new search is the perfect answer. The administrator will define search criteria for the Web Client’s Custom Search function.

A search criterion is either based on a single metadata field, or on one or several queries.

Users of the Cumulus Web Client can access the Custom Search via an icon in the header. All available search criteria are then displayed below the header, in the same way as the container browser.  To perform a Custom Search, the user must complete one or more search criteria either by entering a search string, or by selecting an option from a drop-down list, depending on the file type or query the search criterion is based on. If multiple criteria are used, they are combined by AND.

A Custom Search always searches in the entire catalog, thus resetting any previously applied filters or selections. As any other search result, the results of a Custom Search can be further refined using filters.

Custom searches must be configured in the Cumulus Web Client Configurator of the Web Server Console. For any search criterion, the following can be configured:

  • a name (will be displayed in the Cumulus Web Client’s user interface)
  • a description (optional; will be displayed as a tooltip)
  • the field, the criterion is based upon, OR
  • the queries the criterion is based on.

Additionally, any query that shall be used in a custom search criterion must be configured by the administrator. A query consists of:

  • a name (will be displayed as en entry in the drop-down list belonging to search criterion)
  • a description (optional; will be displayed as a tooltip)
  • the query text (that is, the actual query itself).

Lots of other fancy stuff

Besides these main features, we’ve also done a number of smaller improvements.

The Version History overview of an item now shows the filename for each version. This is especially useful if there are items whose versions consist of different files or file types, e.g. MS Word documents for work in progress and a PDF document for the final version. (Desktop Admin Client only!)

Cumulus now supports Apple’s office apps Pages, Numbers and Keynote (with previews, document text, width, height, font names, and so on). And we support Panasonic’s .rw2 format.

And we’ve patched up a few bug fixes that were found recently.

What’s next

We think you’ll be pretty excited about what’s coming soon – especially if you like to work on-the-go (hint, hint).  We are busy working on the next major release of Cumulus, so stay tuned!

Let us know how you’re using Cumulus.  What’s your favorite feature?  And what more would you like to see in the product?  Let us know in the Canto Community or send us a tweet @Canto.  We’d love to hear from you!