This release of Cumulus X, version 10.1.3 offers a deeper integration of the Video Cloud with Cumulus, a better user experience, single sign on enhancements and bug fixes and security and performance improvements.

SAML 2.0 and Single Sign On Support

Cumulus now provides Single Sign On functionality for the web applications “Cumulus Web Client” and “Cumulus Portals” employing the Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) protocol. The implementation supports IdP-initiated SSO workflows.

We love SSO around here. You will too. SSO lets you enjoy a smoother experience by not having to remember multiple logins.

Deeper Video Integration

Videos in Cumulus can be published to the Cumulus Video Cloud for better availability, worldwide distribution and public streaming. The “original” video files and all their metadata remain safe in Cumulus (stored in a Vault or on a file server), but the delivery of the video to websites – including Cumulus Portals and the Web Client – is performed from Video Cloud server(s). Making a video publicly available in the Cumulus Video Cloud is a two-step process. First, the video must be uploaded, then, it must be published.

Starting with release 10.1.3, Cumulus offers a deeper Video Cloud integration. The user can easily perform all relevant Video Cloud related functions – such as upload, player settings – via the Cumulus Web Client and Admin Client. Depending on the status of a video file, the available functions are provided via menu options. Video files can be uploaded to or removed from the Video Cloud, they can be published or un-published. In addition to that the Cumulus user can define a publish from/to time period. Also it is possible for an uploaded video to have data received from the Cumulus Video Cloud service displayed.

Published videos will be available for everybody who encounters a respective link, e.g. on a web page that contains the proper embed code. All videos stored in Cumulus can be viewed by every Cumulus user (as long as their visibility is not restricted on a per-asset basis), no special permissions needed.

Cumulus users who want to use the Video Cloud feature (i.e. uploading and publishing videos, making use of video links and embed codes) must have special Video Cloud permissions. These are integrated within the Cumulus User Manager module.


Cumulus Video Cloud permissions managed by the Cumulus User Manager
Cumulus Video Cloud permissions managed by the Cumulus User Manager


As you can see, Cumulus Video Cloud is deeply integrated within the Cumulus Digital Asset Management. It is easy and safe to use. If you publish videos to the internet, you’ll love the Cumulus 10.1.3 release.

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