We’re pleased with the positive feedback we’re getting from our latest release of Cumulus 10.0. Canto continues to innovate and develop to take customers to the next DAM level.

So here’s a little walkthrough of what’s new in Cumulus 10.0.1

Define Your Own Asset Relations

For ages (starting in 2006 with version 7) Cumulus has been able to manage related assets by displaying these relations and allowing the user to determine relationships between assets. The user could only pick from predetermined relation types – variants and alternates. However, each organization has its own needs and our customers asked for additional options. That’s why we decided to introduce custom relation types.

Now you can add your own relation types. See below how it works. A new custom relation type is created via the Catalog Settings. As soon as a custom relation type has been added to a catalog it is available for use. Within the Cumulus Web Client, it can even display a custom icon to represent the relation.

Easily track asset relationships you define that meet your organization’s needs.

Creation of a custom relation type.

Portals Enhancements

We increased the web performance of Cumulus Portals (minified CSS/JS files, less files to load as files are combined into a few ones) and  localized Portals to German.

Sorting options were enhanced. Via the Portals tab of the CIP Configurator, fields can be configured to simplify the user experience.

See how field sorting works in Cumulus Portals:

Configured fields can be used for sorting within Cumulus Portals.

Resetting Workflows with Web Client

Workflows keep your project on track. But sometimes you may need to reset or remove workflow steps that happened in error.  Now with Cumulus 10.0.1 workflows can be removed from a record – even if the workflow had been started – by a user who has Workflow Administrator permissions. Such a user can cancel a workflow and remove the record from the workflow so that the workflow can e.g. be restarted. Workflow Administrator permissions for users or roles are set via the User Manager.

Dialog zum Entfernen eines bereits gestarteten Asset-Workflows.
Message that a started workflow will be removed from a record.

Microsoft Support

Less than a month ago Microsoft released Windows 10 and Edge. And already now Cumulus Web Client and Portals support the new Microsoft Edge browser and Cumulus Admin Clients run on Windows 10.

Cumulus Web Client on Microsoft Edge (released on July 29, 2015)