Industry association DAM Foundation sets a standard for quality assurance in the field of Digital Asset Management

The DAM Foundation, an industry association based in London that works to promote the independent regulation of standards in the field of digital asset management, named Canto’s software Cumulus in the list of certified DAM vendors. The Digital Asset Management (DAM) system Cumulus met all ten defined characteristics of DAM.

The DAM Foundation set up pass/fail criteria based on ten main features – the “10 Core Characteristics of DAM” – that characterize a professional digital asset management system. Although today many vendors offer complex data storage systems, this does not mean that a company can thus solve DAM problems. With the certification, the DAM Association aims to raise the level of quality within the industry.

So far, 26 vendors have been included in the list of certified systems, including Canto. The evaluation process included a one-hour live demonstration, during which the DAM Foundation analyzed predefined specifications, such as: version control, metadata handling and data analysis.

“About 15 to 20 percent of the companies we rated failed the evaluation,” remarked Mark Davey, Founder of the DAM Foundation and digital asset management expert.  Davey continued, “This was a surprisingly high number, considering that participation was voluntary.”

Thomas Mockenhaupt, Chief Sales Officer of Canto added, “The establishment of the 10 Core Characteristics of DAM will contribute to the maturation of the DAM industry. Standards are needed to help businesses distinguish capabilities of various systems.”

Mark Davey added, “In future, the DAM Foundation will perform further testing to classify and categorize more providers. The list of Core Characteristics is planned to be extended and will adjust over time to address dynamic market developments.”

Additional information on the 10 Core Characteristics of DAM can be found here.

For a full interview with Mark Davey, founder of the DAM Foundation, please see the Canto Blog.