Digital Asset Management Innovator Aligns with Industry Experts to Create CMIS4DAM Standard; Resolve Interoperability Challenges Facing Suppliers and End Users

April 16, 2015 – San Francisco, CA. Canto, a leading provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, today announced it has been selected to help lead the drive toward new DAM standards through participation in the OASIS Technical Committee (TC) for Content Management Interoperability Services for Digital Asset Management (CMIS4DAM).

“Canto is well recognized across the range of DAM market segments. They bring valuable expertise to the CMIS4DAM Technical Committee,” said Laurent Liscia, CEO of OASIS. “We look forward to their contributions and guidance in shaping this much-needed standard.”

The committee is made up of a diverse group of participants including DAM vendors, such as Canto, as well as enterprise content management systems (CMS) providers, industry analysts and representatives from academia. Using metadata as the basis for industry-wide compliance with the eventual standard, the group is working toward creating a single source of truth for the management of digital assets – across a wide variety of platforms, content types and protocols. Ultimately, the adopted standard will allow end user organizations to abide by best practices and gain the ability to assign a lifecycle to every file residing in their DAM system.

“The market has reached critical mass, with new vendors entering our space at a rapid pace. As a result, end user organizations must contend with a greater number of APIs and an increasingly challenging path to integration and interoperability,” said Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services, Canto. “Creating a framework for DAM standards is an important step in the evolution of our industry, and the overriding goal of the committee is to make it easier for enterprise customers to achieve the results they desire with the technology. We’re proud to play a role in driving the standard.”

According to OASIS, the CMIS4DAM specification is intended to “offer a layer of abstraction between CMIS and a range of external metadata classification protocols, together with common operations used within the DAM domain, especially as they relate to individual classes of rich media assets such as images and video. The purpose is to assimilate these models and to use CMIS as the conduit to enable interoperability between them.” More information about the CMIS4DAM Technical Committee can be found on the OASIS website.