Enterprise DAM for Sales Enablement – a Power-Packed eBook from Canto is Available Now

There are many use cases for DAM. Increasingly sales teams are realizing significant advantage – even though most often the dominant perception is that marketing groups and creatives are the primary beneficiaries of digital asset management. That’s why we here at Canto thought it would be helpful to put together an eBook with some real world examples of DAM in action with a primary focus on sales teams. We talked with our customers. The result is the Enterprise DAM for Sales Enablement eBook from Canto.

This mini eBook is all about companies who use DAM to accelerate sales. It shows how Newsday uses mobile DAM to give field sales reps instant mobile access to ads while they are “on the go”, and how sales reps at simplehuman have been able to greatly speed the creation of store planograms through DAM (ultimately increasing sales by having the right products on the right shelves).

The eBook also discusses how large-scale retailers have been able to streamline eCommerce operations with Canto’s Cumulus DAM platform, and thereby dramatically decrease the time it takes for eCommerce teams to stage new products for sale online.

Last, Enterprise DAM for Sales Enablement talks about how a top creative agency in the Northeast US has used digital asset management to provide a bank of powerpoint slides to executives and sales professionals. This allows them to construct the best presentations from preapproved slides – in a way that ensures the consistency of their sales message – while also saving time in the creation of presentation sales collateral.

If you are a sales professional who is hungry to have the latest and greatest marketing and sales materials at your fingertips, this eBook provides some real world examples of DAM that you can share with your organization.  Then you can think about how enterprise search and digital asset management can help enable sales with regard to the unique processes and installed systems within your organization.  We hope these real-world examples help you learn what is possible with DAM in your organization.

The Enterprise DAM for Sales Enablement eBook is available now for download from Canto.