Introducing the Creative Director’s Guide to Enterprise Digital Asset Management – a free mini eBook from Canto

We’ve been working to connect with our many vertical markets here at Canto, and one of the fruits of our labor is a new mini eBook that offers Creative Directors a look into the fast changing landscape of Digital Asset Management. This free eBook broadly covers digital workflow management, digital rights management, client portals, specialized video asset handling and integration into enterprise systems. It also offers real world enterprise use cases.

Among a creative director’s biggest headaches are those involving digital workflow – how files travel, let’s say, from freelance photographers or designers to production editors to collateral designers to an accounts team and onward to clients (and oftentimes back again). Throw in approval processes and revisions work, as well as formatting and localization demands, and you can see the need for powerful digital asset management.

Creative Director's Guide To Enterprise DAM

This eBook shows how enterprise-level DAM can address such digital workflow issues, and how too it can control the distribution of files in an organization in accordance with a DRM (digital-rights management) policy. The use of dedicated creative asset client portals is also discussed, plus the special stresses placed on DAM systems by the explosive growth of online video production and delivery. Last, the eBook touches on how DAM systems now integrate into leading enterprise systems and creative production tools.

We hope you’ll have a look at the future of Digital Asset Management for creative departments in this free eBook, and consider how your organization could benefit from DAM.

The Creative Director’s Guide to Enterprise Digital Asset Management is available now for download from Canto.