John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors
John Horodyski, Partner, Optimity Advisors

There has never been a better time to be in DAM and working with digital assets!

The decision to pursue DAM is the right-step in the right direction to gaining, operational and intellectual control of your digital assets. Any successful DAM requires more than just new technology; it requires a foundation for Digital Strategy.

The digital 21st Century has smashed old ways of doing business.  It is not longer possible to, “always do what you always did,” the outcome will would not be so positive as in Einstein’s era. Technology has completely changed how organizations create, access and consume data and content. Digital innovations have also created new types of intellectual property (IP) being delivered at ever-increasing speed. Business strategy for the 21st century calls for innovation in which the tried and tested triumvirate of people, process and technology operate in unison. The demands to deliver successful and sustainable business outcomes collide with simultaneously transitioning business models.

The new strategy for success is based on the structure of customers, data and content – where meaning may be established. That new strategy foundation is built around customers, your data and your content. The ability to look at intellectual property and digital assets from a myriad of perspectives has the power to transform, but is a difficult concept to encapsulate and quantify.

Embarking on the journey of building a digital foundation requires attention and preparedness.  Start asking questions and never stop.  By understanding and defining fundamental goals, and identifying information and content used by the organization a foundation can launch intellectual property and new uses for content.

Content requires a foundation for digital strategy.

Creating a holistic solution around information will play an integral role in how the business generates revenue, increases efficiencies and enhances its ability to meet new and emerging market opportunities.

Be mindful of the current situation and the challenges faced. More importantly, be mindful of the people, processes and technologies that may influence transformation. Information, IP and content are critical to business operations; they need to be managed at all points of their digital life cycle. Trust and certainty that data is accurate and usable is critical. Leveraging meaningful metadata in contextualizing, categorizing and accounting for data provides the best chance for its return on investment.

The digital experience for users will be defined by their ability to identify, discover and experience an organization’s brand just as the organization has intended.

Value is not found—it is made. So make the data meaningful and manage it well. Start with a foundation, embrace the transformation and discover the value in content. 

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