During the development of Cumulus 9 our R&D team gathered input and feedback from our users to ensure they were developing the latest version that matched the needs of Cumulus users.

One of the problems our R&D team needed to solve for Cumulus users was helping non-Cumulus users share files with them more easily. Some customers mentioned they use Dropbox, Google Docs or FTP sites to facilitate this.

With Upload Collection Links in Cumulus 9, there no longer is a need for using DropBox or other tools when working with non-Cumulus users. Once an upload link is sent non-Cumulus users can drag and drop files directly into Cumulus – no account needed.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to work with your network outside of your organization.

Roboflow is another feature Cumulus users wanted to see improved. In Cumulus 9, Roboflow was enhanced to offer an easier workflow setup and more flexibility. Using Roboflow you can automate tasks that normally require manual intervention.

For example, ISC Motorsports uses Roboflow to catalog their race photos and extract metadata. Their photographers simply copy photos into a pre-define folder structure on an FTP site, from the raceway. Back at headquarters, Cumulus and RoboFlow take care of the rest. Roboflow automatically catalogs the images, extracts the folder names and places them in the appropriate metadata fields. Watch this video to see another example of how Roboflow can help you automate tasks in a marketing campaign.

To see more features available in Cumulus 9, watch our technical webinar.