Its release time again! Our developers just bundled the latest features of the Cumulus 9.0.3 release. And this bundle contains some highly demanded things, namely:

  • comment on files
  • branding Cumulus web client
  • display table fields
  • a shiny new Linux installer for RoboFlow

Besides, the release also includes many smaller UI improvements and bug fixes. But let’s go through the main features in more detail.

Commenting on files

People want to give feedback on files, for example when they see a need for some more photoshopping or when they want to clarify usage rights. Therefore, we added a comment tab to the file profile.

Screenshot of Commenting feature in Cumulus
On the comment tab, you can view all existing comments including annotations. You can add a new comment or reply to an existing one. You can edit your comments and replies or just delete them.

We also included one lesson learned from Facebook and other social networks: The comment with the latest reply is shown on top of the list to highlight recent discussions. With the next release, you will also be able to create annotations along with your comments.

Branding Cumulus web client

In an enterprise setting, we often see the Intranet or internal web tools adapting to the corporate identity. This helps to feel at home and distinguish internal from external pages.

We have always offered Cumulus branding for the Sites publishing portal. We want our everyday users to feel at home while using Cumulus, so we now support branding the web UI as well. Here’s a quick look at a fully branded login page.

Custom brand Cumulus Web Client
This branding can be done without coding – no HTML or CSS hacks needed. You just upload the logo and background image in web server console and set color codes for headlines. The changes are immediately visible to users.

You can also set an administrator message. This message will be shown to signed-in users on top of the screen. As this can be really annoying, you should only use it to inform users about important events like upcoming maintenance.

Brand the Cumulus Web Client Screenshot

Branding also applies to the dashboard. For example, you can change the logo shown in the top left corner of the UI. You can also set a custom footer, for example if you want to include a help desk number or links to internal documentation pages. The footer can contain any HTML as long as you make sure to not break the page layout. We tested that extensively, for example by embedding our favorite lolcats videos from Youtube 😉

Branding the Cumulus Web Client Screenshot

Display table fields

Cumulus can store metadata in various formats. One more advanced use-case is storing a table of values for each file. You can use that for example to document the external usages of a file. Internally, we use table fields in various places, for example to store the download links for different video formats in our video cloud integration.

screenshot of Cumulus display table fields
It is now possible to view the contents of table fields for a given file as shown in the screenshot above.

If there are many values in a table, you can use the pager to step through them. By clicking on a column name, you can sort the table ascending or descending. Also, sometimes it will happen that values are too long and don’t fit into a cell. In that case, use the little arrow in front of a table row to expand the row and see all values.

Linux support for Roboflow

Linux Penguin imageIn the past months, we saw an increasing number of requests to also support our workflow component RoboFlow on Linux. So for the first time, we now also provide an official Linux installer for RoboFlow so that you can also automate some penguinian DAM workflows 🙂