Photo Contest: Have you ever been lost in content chaos?

Win a free ticket to the Canto DAM Summit 2016 or an Amazon Voucher worth $50. Participate in our content chaos photo contest. 

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

“I’m looking for that design, which was created by Dave, our designer. Do you know where I can find it?”

“Tina, do you mind checking whether you can find the vector file of our new logo design?”

“I think Frank saved it somewhere on his drive, but he will return from his vacation next Monday.”

If this has ever happened in your office, we feel your pain. Looking for a specific asset in your company is time consuming and usually involves more people than it should, harming productivity – and getting everyone lost in content chaos!

In Canto’s photo contest we want you to send us your favorite chaos picture. It can be your face of desperation while looking for a misplaced file, a chaotic office desk or other literal or metaphorical images that represent the chaos that results without digital asset management being used.

The best picture displaying a chaotic office situation wins a ticket to our upcoming Canto DAM Summit 2016. Second and third places will win  an Amazon Voucher of $50. 

To give you some ideas on how chaos may look like, we came up with some examples of the Canto team suffering from chaos in the Berlin office.

Who can participate?

  • Anyone who feels the pain of getting lost in today’s content chaos: marcom executives and manager, digital asset manager, creatives and librarians
  • Everyone interested in joining us at the Canto DAM Summit 2016 Americas in New York City taking place from the 9th – 10th of May or at the Canto DAM Summit 2016 Europe in Berlin from September 26 – 27.

How can I participate?

  • Participate EITHER by following @Canto on Twitter and tweeting your image with the following handle and hashtag: @Canto and #ContentChaos
  • OR by following Canto on Facebook and posting your image to the Canto Facebook wall with the following hashtag: #ContentChaos

How long can I participate?

The contest starts on April 18th and ends on April 30th 2016. We will announce the winner on May 3rd 2016.


By participating in the contest and sending us your picture, you are allowing Canto to use the image on the Canto website and on Canto social media channels.